Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bridesmaid Gifts

Gifts for my wedding party was something that I stressed over a bit. Well, a part of the gift. Many months before my wedding my mother purchased some nice sets of earrings for my girls from Avon which came to around $40 (for 6 pairs). I liked the earrings but since it wasn't a full set I wanted to get the girls something else. So, while browsing I found a wonderful handmade gift idea for my girls. And luckily, I am a very creative person so I was able to pull it off. I designed these glasses and hand-painted them myself. My girls loved their custom made gifts and they all wore the earrings during the wedding ceremony and reception.

Friday, March 8, 2013

It's All Over!!

So, my new hubby and I are almost 2 weeks into the married life and it is awesome! Well, it's just the same as it was before we tied the knot, except that we are living together now (which has been going very well). But, I do have a bit of blues because I have nothing at all to plan :(

Our wedding was really fun though! Our ceremony was a bit blah (something that we think about now and laugh) but our reception was awesome! The food was good, we had some issues with the bar though. The music was great and everyone had an awesome time!!! I still have some DIY projects to share (MANY of them). I have nooooo idea how brides keep up with their blogs prior to their weddings because there was noooo way that I could with soooooo much to do (I know I am a bit dramatic with all of the "o" It was a great day and I am so very excited that I am Mrs. Dogan now :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Days Away!!!!!

Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my GOSH!!!!!! I cannot believe that we are actually less than a week from our wedding day. And congratulations to me for not turning full blown "Bridezilla", believe me, I have been tried these past couple of Well anyways, I am down to the last home stretch and trying to figure out some last minute things. We have all of the major things completed; Venue, DJ, Food, Flowers, Linens, Bar package and stuff. Now I am working on some small things like programs, a card box, and decorations along with my sweet table.
I was a bit nervous because we were having such trouble scheduling a rehearsal but that is all taken care of. Whoo Hoo!!! I have been so super busy with wedding stuff that I have not posted in a while.
Aaron and I both had our bachelor and bridal/bachelorette parties this weekend and they were a blast, I have no idea what he did but I know that he had FUN!!!!
I feel like everything that we worked so hard on is coming in to full circle and I am beyond excited!!! I most definitely will be updating soon :)

My bridal shower cake!

The guest of honor!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shhhhh, A Surprise Gift for my Groom!

Against his own insistence, I have decided to go ahead and get my groom a gift on our wedding but it is not at all what he thinks! I do in fact know that we are on a budget, I think I know better than he So I am being very conscious of that and getting him something small and thoughtful, well at least I think that it's thoughtful! Many brides buy their grooms watches or custom made cuff links but that really isn't him. What my groom does like is funky socks! He goes to Urban Outfitters and buys all of these crazy color and patterned socks. And it just so happens upon this idea via the Something Turquoise's blog. These are DIY groom's "cold feet" socks!
The blog of course lays out instructions of how to do these yourself! There is an attachment to print the label or you can make your own. The label is so cute! It reads "for my handsome groom, just in case you get cold feet, keep warm  darling, love your bride"! When I saw this, I just knew that it would be an awesome fit for him! And I think that I am going to throw in a small bottle of E&J Brandy in with it (his favorite drink)! He is going to be super surprised, I cannot wait!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY: Wedding Dress Hanger

I believe that I first stumbled upon one of these beautiful hangers on either or, either way, I had to have one!!! And of course, being the crafty person that I am, decided that I would be making it myself. I searched the internet for instruction and found them one weddingbee. While I am not a professional, I think that I did a pretty darn good Here is my finished product!
To make this hanger you need 4 important materials; 
1. Hanger (duh!
2. Hot glue gun
3. 18 inch gauge wire
4. Wire cutter (which can also be used to shape some of the letters)
****Optional; flowers, rhinestones, ribbon (whatever else you want to use to decorate the hanger)
I used my fingers to shape the letters out of the wire. Always make sure to leave extra wire at both ends of the name that you are writing out. Once the letters were shaped, I poked 2 holes into the hanger with a very sharp nail, soooo much easier if you have a mini drill or something of that I filled the holes with hot glue and quickly stuck the access pieces of wire into those holes. I added the rhinestones but am unsure if I want to keep them there. I may find a pretty flower or something instead. I am again indecisive and will update if i do change the hanger :) 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY: Table Number Cards and Wedding ISpy

I wanted to do something different for our table numbers and decided to scrap using actual numbers and named our tables after our favorite love songs!!! My fiance and I put together a list of our favorite love songs months ago in preparation (of course I just put them together last I am sharing the list below just for fun. We both are huge fans of R&B!
Anyways, I made the cards using Microsoft word and purchased some Tolsby picture frames from Ikea  for 99 cents! And what was really awesome about the frames, besides the price, is the fact that they are double sided!! That was really awesome for me because I also created wedding ISpy cards that I wanted to put on the tables as well. Soooo, double sided allowed me to put the table card and ISpy card in 1 frame (getting more than one use out of something!!! They turned out sooo awesome and I am really happy with the way that they look.
I purchased all white frames. The 4" by 6" paper easily slides right into the frame! I may be changing the design of the card, I am just soooo I had a TON of crystals and decided to add them to the paper, too add in the silver aspect.

This is the back of the frame. I also created this ISpy as a word document. I saw the idea online and absolutely loved it!!

Some of the Songs That We Used (We only needed 17)
1.       Always & Forever - Heatwave
2.       Ribbon In the Sky – Stevie Wonder
3.       Love Jones
4.       A Song For You
5.       The Way – Jill Scott
6.       LOVE – Musiq Soulchild
7.       For The Love of You – The Isley Brothers
8.       Make It Last Forever - Keith Sweat
9.       Your Love is King - Sade
10.   My Girl - The Temptations
11.   Chocolate Girl - The Whispers
12.   Happily Ever After - Case
13.   Everlasting Love - Rufus & Chaka Khan
14.   Love Holiday - Earth, Wind and Fire
15.   Reasons - Earth, Wind and Fire
16.   Baby I’m Ready - Levert
17.   Something In My Heart - Michele
18.   Precious Love - Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrell
19.   Share My Life - Kem
20.   At Your Best - Aaliyah
21.   If This World Were Mine – Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrell
22.   You & I – Stevie Wonder

34 More Days To Go!

So, I am back again to finally update my blog! Today is January 21st which means that I am 34 days away! Wow, OMG!!!!! I have been work on more DIY projects, trying to make sure that my bridesmaids have their dresses, buying decorations, ordering the cake and soooooo much I have my attire, having a bit of difficulty finding I am also trying to figure out my something I am getting very excited so make sure to watch for some new blog posts please :)